Sharing is Caring
A shared meal is a short moment of peace. Today’s luxury is dining with friends and family – in real time. Offline. You talk, learn, share and care. Share a moment with us!


The trends
The trends HarmonyClassic, Playful and Enigmatic are directions, which are inspired by and developed from society's lifestylerelated movements. The essence of these movements are translated through colours for tablesettings. The rest is up to you. Choose among all our colours and tell your own tablestories. In the end, we probably contain elements from all four trends and we choose to switch between tablesettings according to what we feel and who we share our table with.



In a time of constant change, we switch between social media and fast news, or otherwise exclude it completely. We seek harmony between being ”on and off”. Emotional wellbeing is important. We find harmonious wellbeing in nature and we bring nature into our homes and into our table settings. Caring for harmony among our closest ones is being present - together.


Classics are constant and original. In a fast moving life we seek the honest and authentic and what is more pleasant than surrounding ourselves with clean elegance and no-fuss. A classic tablesetting and classic interior design often confuse minimalism with a stark coldness. Think simplicity, refinement, comfort and functionality. A classic table setting is elegant and all elements are carefully thought through. A classic and timeless table setting reflects honesty and security with those we share the table with.



The perfect and predictable has become boring. There is no longer an ideal but as many ideals as there are people. This applies from how we choose to live in contemporary family patterns to how we perceive our own gender identity and our age. We define our own identity and by releasing it we release our own individuality.

An individual table setting challenges our comfort zones with new fusions between form, composition and texture.


In a cross-field between recognizability and mystery, we scratch the surface and dive deeper into the unknown. Here is room for imaginative thoughts and ideas.

If we don’t want to relate to the world, we create our own - as a balance to the bombardments of news and information-overload, as well as expectations of succes and decision fatigue.

By maintaining our authenticity, we can release energy to embrace parallel universes.