Decorate your rooms with beautiful and elegant wooden boxes

Are you in need of fine wooden boxes with amazing quality that can be used for various purposes? Look no further - at LIND DNA we offer beautiful wooden boxes with lids or without that you can decorate your home with. Scroll through our selection of wooden boxes and buy exactly the ones you're missing. 

Fine wooden boxes with various uses 

Our fine wooden boxes from LIND DNA can be used for various purposes. You can use them as serving, for storage or just as a decorative design in your home. For example, store your jewellery in them or use them in the hallway to keep track of your keys. The various options with our wooden boxes make them universal and indispensable in your home

Wooden boxes with lids in beautiful materials and different sizes

In our series of wooden boxes, you will find different designs, shapes and sizes. Our wooden boxes are made in the following forms:


  • Curve 
  • Square
  • Circle 


Also, you can get them in sizes: S, M and L. It makes it easy for you to find the ideal wooden boxes for your home. You can also get our wooden boxes with lids - depending on your needs. This way you can easily mix and match the different wooden boxes in colours and sizes and create your unique look

Stylish wooden boxes suitable for your business 

Our stylish and beautiful wooden boxes are not only suitable for the home. They are also ideal for your business and office environment. Use it to serve snacks, sweets and more when you have meetings or something similar. You can read more and get inspiration for interior designs and decorating your business here

Beautiful wooden boxes require good care 

Since our wooden boxes are made of oak and recycled leather, the wooden boxes require good care. We have developed a cleaning spray so you can easily care for your wooden boxes. The leather should be treated well so that your wooden boxes retain their beautiful appearance and you can enjoy them for a long time. Because of recycled leather, it also makes your designs water-resistant and easy to wipe with a damp cloth.


Read more about our use of materials and surfaces and how we contribute to a sustainable future through our production.

Shop wooden boxes at LIND DNA 

Explore our wide selection of wooden boxes with lids in all shapes, sizes and colours and find the ones that fit perfectly into your home. Shop wooden boxes at LIND DNA.

Also, get inspiration on how to style your wooden boxes through our stories. For example, you can put them together with our candlesticks for a cohesive and beautiful look. It's entirely up to you.