Beautiful writing pads for your office

For a well-appointed office, you may need a nice and modern writing pad. It helps to give your office a stylish look while protecting your table from scrapes and scratches. At LIND DNA you will find writing pads in our recycled leather, which is very suitable as a desk pad for, for example, your computer. Explore our wide selection and buy your new writing pad today

Stylish and modern leather writing pads

Our writing pads are made of our recycled leather, which consists of 80% leather and 20% natural rubber from trees. We get our materials from surplus production that contribute to sustainable production. Our recycled leather is OEKO-TEX certified and extremely easy to clean with a damp cloth. At the same time, your writing pad also does not absorb liquid in case you spill anything


You can buy our cleaning spray here, which helps to keep your writing pad beautiful. Read and learn more about our use of materials here

Match your writing pad with a mouse pad

All our leather writing pads focus on functionality and aesthetic. You will find our writing pads in a "square" model, which has a modern and minimalist look. Our writing pads come in a variety of colours and surfaces, so you can easily find the writing pad that fits best into your office. You will find our writing pads in the more natural and neutral colours that are suitable for any office. 


You can also buy our "curve" mouse pad, which matches perfectly with your new writing pad. Here you can create a nice contrast with the two shapes and give your desk a nice look. You can also add beautiful and practical notebooks for a consistent and stylish look. 

Leather desk pads for home and work

Besides making leather writing pads well suited for home and office, our writing pads also fit perfectly into most businesses. Here you can decorate the office environment with beautiful desk pads and mouse pads and create a modern and stylish look for your business. Our writing pads will also serve extremely well as a company gift or something similar. Get more inspiration on how to apply your LIND DNA products to your business

Shop leather writing pad from LIND DNA here

We hope you learned more about our leather desk pad. If you need a new writing pad for your home, office or company, you will find it at LIND DNA. Our high requirements for quality and design shine through all our products, so you can easily give your home a modern and stylish look. Also check out our great selection of other interior products for your living room, kitchen, hallway and bedroom. 

Decorate your office with a nice and stylish writing pad and buy from LIND DNA today. See also how you can design your home or business with LIND DNA products through our table stories and get inspired.