Functional and beautiful tables for your home

Finding the right table for your home's space is important because it must fit with the rest of your home whilst also making a statement. Therefore, the table must be both functional and attractive so that it may be used for many purposes. At LIND DNA you will find stylish and functional tables of high quality and in a lovely, timeless design. Explore our large selection of tables at LIND DNA and buy your new table today. 

Tables for every room in your home

At LIND DNA you will find a wide range of beautiful and useful tables that fit into any room in your home. We offer the following types of table:



What they all have in common is that they are highly functional and have a beautiful design. It allows you to find the right table to match your style and meet your requirements. Our tables from LIND DNA are perfect for those who appreciate good quality as well as stylish and beautiful design. 

Practical and beautiful tables in lovely materials

LIND DNA allows you to buy beautiful and stylish tables that are also very practical and are produced in lovely materials such as our sustainable leather, brass and other metals. This allows you to create a unique look in your home that works well with your other furniture. 


A table does not only have to be a table - you can, for example, use your tables from LIND DNA as decoration in a corner or for storing your trinkets. The possibilities are endless  - only your imagination sets the limits. Get inspired on how you can style our  tables in your home to match your style and your other furniture. Check out our table stories for some great ideas

Danish-produced tables with an eye for quality

Our tables from LIND DNA are Danish-produced, where quality is one of the cornerstones of our production. We also have an eye for good craftsmanship, which can be seen in all our tables. Through the production of our tables, sustainability is paramount and an important factor for LIND DNA


With sustainability and good quality, you get phenomenal tables in a timeless design that will stay modern and fresh for decades to come. In conjunction with good care, the life of your tables from LIND DNA is also extended. Buy our cleaning spray so you can look after your products well. 

Buy tables from LIND DNA today

Find your ideal table from LIND DNA that matches your home and the look you want. Visit our website and buy your table today.