Find functional and elegant cutting boards

With nice and functional cutting boards from LIND DNA, you can easily cut and serve your cooking directly on the chopping board. The beautiful design and breathtaking appearance make your cutting board part of the table cover. Explore our selection of fine cutting boards at LIND DNA and find your new cutting boards today. 

A new shape for your cutting board

Our cutting boards from LIND DNA challenge the traditional shapes you would otherwise see with cutting boards. We have created a series of cutting boards and lubricating boards for your kitchen - called Cut & Serve. The cutting boards are available in the following forms:


  • Circle 
  • Square 
  • Curve


With these different shapes, you can mix and match and create a unique look when serving your food. Our cutting boards, also known as lubricating boards, are available in small and large. Then, you can serve your meal in the finest way possible. We have kept the colours simple, modern and stylish, so you can enjoy using your cutting boards. Regardless of style and personality.

Cutting boards with multiple applications

Cutting boards from LIND DNA are both functional and versatile, so they fit into any home and kitchen. You can use your chopping board to serve your food, but you can also use it as a stunning and unusual plate. For example, you can put together the fine cutting boards with our popular mats, which will give your table a nice and even look


You can also easily use your cutting boards for festive occasions and serve for example tapas or other small dishes. Due to the modern look and beautiful design, they will be ideal for your table cover. 

Simple lubrication boards for your home

At LIND DNA we have created stylish and simple lubricating boards that make it universal and a must have in any home. When you are not using your lubricating boards, you can easily leave them - they are extremely suitable and beautiful to be displayed. Our high quality materials and expert craftsmanship quickly make them a regular part of your everyday life. 


The lovely materials make your new lubrication board robust and able to withstand many things. This allows you to enjoy your lubricating boards for many years. Read more about our production and history, as well as what materials and surfaces we use. 

Buy cutting boards and lubricating boards from LIND DNA

Looking for new, functional and fine cutting boards? Don't despair anymore. Instead, you can explore our selection of beautiful cutting boards in different shapes, colours and looks. Find cutting boards that are ideal for your home. Buy your cutting boards from LIND DNA today

On our website, you can get inspiration on how you can use your cutting boards as part of the décor. Through our table stories, you get great ideas on how you can decorate your home, office or similar spaces with your products from LIND DNA.