Join our customer club and get Lifetime Guarantee on your Table Mats, LIND CURVE and SILHOUETTE candleholders

As something completely unique, we offer lifetime guarantee on all our table mats, LIND CURVE and SILHOUETTE candleholders. The lifetime guarantee is your safety and guarantee that your new table mats, LIND CURVE and SILHOUETTE candleholders have been manufactured with great attention to durability, design and quality. Please note: To activate the lifetime guarantee on your products, we ask you to join our Customer Club no later than 30 days after the date of purchase.


Terms and conditions

Which products are included in the lifetime guarantee?

LIND DNA offers customers lifetime guarantee on all Table Mats, including Dinner Mats, Glass Mats and Lunch Mats in all structures, namely Hippo, Bull, Nupo, Cloud, Croco, Lace, Buffalo and Soft Buck.

The lifetime guarantee applies to products purchased after October 10, 2020. To activate the guarantee, please create a profile at no later than 30 days after the date of purchase.

LIND DNA does not offer lifetime guarantee on Floor Mats, Kids Mats, furniture or other home accessories.

What does the lifetime guarantee cover?

The lifetime guarantee covers manufacturing faults and defects not caused by inexpedient use.

What does the lifetime guarantee not cover?

The guarantee does not cover defects or damage that are caused by or can be ascribed to:

  • Normal wear and tear of the product.
  • Use of the product that does not comply with the intended or recommended use.
  • Extreme temperatures (e.g. high temperatures exceeding 80 Celsius or low temperatures below -30 Celsius).
  • Lack of care or maintenance of the product, e.g. cleaning the product after use or storing it at a place that is sheltered from the elements or direct sunlight. LIND DNA recommend that you store your table mats on a plane and dry surface.
  • Use of unfit cleaning methods or detergents, e.g. acid or solvent. LIND DNA recommend using LIND DNA Leather Clean & Care to maintain the recycled leather.

The lifetime guarantee is personal and cannot be passed on to another person. Furthermore, the guarantee only applies to products purchased at an official place of sale authorised by LIND DNA.

How to invoke the lifetime guarantee?

Please note that in order to invoke the lifetime guarantee you must create a profile at no later than 30 days after your purchase.

Do you at any time wish to invoke the guarantee, you need to return the product to LIND DNA safely packed or in the original packaging, enclose a copy of the receipt, return form (contact customer service for this) and online profile confirmation email.

Please mark the return shipment ’GARANTI/WARRANTY’. All costs related to sending the package to LIND DNA ApS are paid by you (also VAT / customs charges).

Products must be sent to: LIND DNA ApS, Hasselager Allé 15, 8260 Aarhus, Denmark

When receiving your parcel, LIND DNA will process your complaint and subsequently send products corresponding to those received. It is not possible to exchange to other products and LIND DNA doesn’t return the money for your purchase.

Accept of the claim is entirely assigned to the judgement of LIND DNA.

Does it concern discontinued products, the claimed product(s) will be replaced with the model(s) from the current assortment that resemble(s) it the most.

Please note: if your product is still covered by your country’s right of complaint, LIND DNA ask you to contact the retailer where you have purchased your product. The lifetime guarantee will become effective when your product no longer is covered by the regular right of complaint.

When creating a profile at LIND DNA, information about you will be registred. The personal information you provide will be handled in absolute confidence and will only be handed over to a third part under required circumstances. LIND DNA can contact the retailer from whom you have purchased your products but only when necessary. Read more about handling of personal data at