Beautiful and stylish vases for all rooms

Are there limits to how many vases you can have in your home? If you ask us at LIND DNA, the answer is no - and we are happy about that! Our beautiful vases are suitable for all rooms, whether you want to display flowers or not. The unique design and beautiful materials make them appear beautiful as they are. Explore our selection of fine vases and find your new vases today. 

Decorative vases to beautify your rooms

At LIND DNA you will find vases in different sizes. We have both small vases that are suitable for smaller flowers or small candles. Our larger vases fit well with a nice bouquet, or just as they are. You can also use small vases for block lights and create a cosy atmosphere around your home. Find just the vases that fit perfectly into your style and home. 

Different vases and beautiful design 

Something you quickly notice about our small and large vases is a unique and different design. With glass inside and a thin layer of recycled leather, our vases are extremely decorative in your home. At the same time, the beautiful and different design makes your home and table stand out


Vi har dog fastholdt i det enkelte og klassisk udtryk, som passer ind i de fleste hjem. 

Hvad end det er små vaser til forårsblomster eller de populære tørrede blomster, passer vores vaser ind i ethvert hjem og indretning.  

Create your unique look with small vases

In our series of vases, you will find several models. You can put together the different models, appearance, patterns and colours and create a unique look in your home. The beautiful colours and patterns give your home a little extra. At the same time, the fine details and raw look differ from the normal vase


Get inspiration on how to style and incorporate your new vases into your home. Check out our table stories where you get great ideas for interior design and the use of your new vases. You can put together your new vases with other interiors from our website.


Find beautiful vases for your business 

Vases from LIND DNA are not only suitable for your home but also your business. They will work perfectly in various office environments and canteens, where the vases can add a little extra to the décor. Fine vases and beautiful flowers are well suited in a professional environment, and at the same time give important customers a good impression.

Buy vases at LIND DNA 

Login to our website and find your new vases today. Here you can easily and conveniently order your products from home. If in doubt, read about our terms and conditions.