Beautiful, high-quality stoneware and durability

For many Danes, it has become popular to adorn the dining table with stoneware. Especially  when the evening is a dinner party and everything in between. We understand this at LIND DNA, which is why we offer a nice range of stoneware. This way you can decorate your table as beautifully as possible. Among our selection, you will find something that matches your style. Explore the selection and buy your new stoneware today

Decorate your table with beautiful stoneware from LIND DNA

At LIND DNA we love a beautifully presented meal and table. That is exactly what our stoneware can offer you. The new and different forms and shapes give your table a new and exciting look. The different shapes also allow you to play with the decor on our stoneware and create beautiful designs. Just let your imagination run wild and create beautiful dishes both for everyday life and party

Use your stoneware for different purposes

In our series of stoneware, you will find bowls, plates and dishes - all in different sizes, so you can set a beautiful table with depth. Although several people often use their stoneware to serve and eat food, you may not necessarily need to use your stoneware exclusively for food.


For example, use our dishes to arrange decorative candles or your jewellery. You can also use our small bowls for storing small, important items. That way, you get the most out of your stoneware. Yes, it is only your imagination that sets the limits of what you can use your stoneware for. 

Showcase your cooking in the best way with stoneware 

Now that the stoneware most often belongs in the kitchen, you can also use it for many different types of cooking. For example, you can use the small bowls for tapas or other smaller dishes where your guests take care of themselves. With our stoneware, you can showcase your food most elegantly and create a beautiful table.


For example, if you have a glass cabinet or display cabinet, you may want to exhibit your stoneware there. Stoneware is very suitable for display

Beautiful and sturdy stoneware for everyday life and party  

At LIND DNA we care about quality, which is why it is also seen in our stoneware series. We have designed beautiful, timeless and modern stoneware series that will fit well into your home. Among other things, we can have winter and autumn colors as well as fine Nordic and classic colors. Get inspiration for your table cover with our stoneware through our table stories


Also, put your new stoneware together with our popular mats and create a beautiful table for any occasion

Buy stoneware at LIND DNA 

Login safely to our website and order the ideal stoneware for your table, cooking and home today at LIND DNA.