Decorate your home with beautiful and stylish candlesticks

It is always nice to light a bunch of candles and candlesticks when you are sitting in the evening enjoying yourself, either alone or with someone you care about. That is why we have created beautiful and stylish candlesticks and tealights for your home. At LIND DNA we want to bring the cosiness into your home and at the same time give it a nice and stylish expression. Explore our wide selection of candlesticks and tealights and shop your new candlesticks today

Decorate your home with beautiful candlesticks 

At LIND DNA, we think your home deserves to be decorated and indulged with beautiful candlesticks. You will find our candlesticks in different types of models for both candles and tealights. So, depending on your needs you can find the ideal candlesticks for your home and create a cosy atmosphere. You choose from a wide range of fine and classic colours that fit into most homes

Combine and arrange your candlesticks as needed

The smart and unique thing about our candlesticks is that there is a hidden magnet, so you can combine and place your tealights according to all of your needs, style and temperament. It gives you the freedom to play and create unique and beautiful creations every single day. Our candlestick challenges normal shapes and forms. The different design gives your home a nice and fashionable look. 

High-quality handmade tealight holders

For the production of our candlesticks and tealight holders, we use our recycled leather to decorate the products. This is a production that is made by hand, which is why the quality is also a high priority. Our materials are exclusive and lovely to the eye, making it ideal for those who value beautiful design and good quality. Read more about our materials on our website. 


Our great candlesticks will be perfect as a host gift or corporate gift that many will greatly appreciate. You can also use our candlesticks and tealights in your business decor. They will fit well into office environments, canteens or the like and give the company a nice, professional and different look. Get more inspiration for LIND DNA products for your business here


Create a thread with interior from LIND DNA 

With our beautiful products, you can create a thread through your home. 

Place your new candlesticks on a beautiful and stylish table from LIND DNA. Also cover your table with our fine vases and our popular napkins, which give you a consistent and stylish look. Our products are timeless, so you can enjoy them for many years to come

Buy candlesticks and tealight holders from LIND DNA

On our website, we share inspiration and ideas on how you can decorate with your new candlesticks from LIND DNA. Find the perfect candlesticks for your home and buy today.