Reduce – Reuse - Recycle

We want to change the perception of what good design is, by pushing the boundaries of sustainability and aesthetics, whilst caring for the planet, its resources and its people. The bedrock of most of our designs is OEKO-TEX certified, recycled leather. Sourced from the surplus production of furniture, bags and shoes, our vegetable-tanned leather is first being washed and granulated and then pressed together with natural rubber from trees.The resulting quality consists of 80 % real leather and 20 % natural rubber which is then dyed with water based color and decorated with beautiful surface structures and patterns.

Whenever possible, we insist on our own, local production in Denmark. Therefore, most of our products are not only designed and manufactured in Aarhus, but also packaged locally, to minimize the transportation of our goods. We aim to use as little packaging as possible, so our main products are normally not prepacked. And when packed, our biodegradable and compostable packaging material is made from wood fiber by Kraftpak® - an un treated cardboard type which is produced from the excess sawdust from local sawmills.

Zero Waste

We're aiming to create our designs with zero waste, in a form that involves reusing resources to decrease the total environmental impact. And we have come a long way. From the very beginning in 2013 we have been environmentally responsible.

Our materials are responsibly sourced, and we continuously refine our waste management at our production facilities in Aarhus, Denmark. Our zero-waste strategy is based on a waste prevention policy, proactive reuse and optimized separate collection of waste at source to guarantee quality recycling. Our goal is to eliminate toxic waste that poses a threat to the environment.