Pick-up Table jewel Alu

SKU: 990105
sizes M H:50/62xD:38 cm
color Brown/Sand
Texture Leather Cloud/Nupo
269.00 EUR
Free delivery
LIND DNA PICK-UP TABLE is unique, modern design inspired by the classic turntable. PICK-UP TABLE is minimalistic, aesthetic and portable, making it easy to place the table wherever you want. PICK-UP TABLE from LIND DNA is designed with a reversible, recycled leather mat on its top plate, making it possible to change the look of your table as the leather mat has different colours on each side. Choose among a variety of different leather surfaces and colour combinations, and personalize the expression of your table. The aluminium JEWEL in the middle of the table is a beautiful detail, which also can be changed to a brass JEWEL - and the table changes its overall expression again. A JEWEL made in brass can be bought separately. 
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