Our History


The company sells to 40 countries all over the world. With the increasing success, the current location in Aarhus cannot keep up with size, so a new headquarter is on the drawing board. The new 6000 m2 sized headquarter contains own production facility, warehouse, showroom and office buildings is expected to be ready in December 2019.

Jette Skovbjerg


LIND DNA is again named Børsen Gazelle and is still among the fastest growing companies in Denmark.

Large parts of the production are on Danish hands – both in-house production and production by local suppliers, It is of great importance to the 40 employees, at it distinguishes LIND DNA from many other Danish design brands, whose production take place abroad.

The company is MTO (make to order) and can very quickly respond to new trends. We do not operate with 3.500 stock keeping units. Our flow is based on the storage of leather in different colors and surface structures, so that finished goods can be produced quickly at short notice.


LIND DNA is named Børsen Gazelle. Being a gazelle means that the company is one of the fastest growing companies in Denmark. LIND DNA is awarded a national 3rd place, ie the company is the third fastest growing company in Denmark.


Jette Skovbjerg, the wife of Preben Lind, joins LIND DNA. Today they run the company together.


The company moves to the buildings of the old Scandinavian Tobacco Company in the outskirts of Aarhus and LIND DNA has since expanded to several production halls and office buildings.

Preben Lind


After a series of attempts to develop interior products with recycled leather, Preben Lind began to cut the leather out to table mats. He thereby developed the design-protected CURVE form, which was the starting point for the entrepreneurial adventure and which also constitutes the LIND DNA logo..