Fine and practical table mats for kids

Would you like to make your kid’s meal time more fun and less dirty? In addition to our popular table mats for your table, we at LIND DNA have also created cute and practical table mats for kids. They fit perfectly with your table cover, so you can still style your table modern and stylish. Explore our selection of kids table mats and find the ones that match your table. Buy your new table mats for kids from LIND DNA today.

Table mats for kids in fine shapes

Our table mats for kids are not only practical – but they are also extremely beautiful and fun. We have both colours that are good for girls and boys as well as the rest of your table cover. You can find our table mats for kids in forms, such as:

  •       Cloud
  •       Bear
  •       Frog
  •       Monkey


These nice and fun shapes are perfect for your table and your kids. They also fit well with your table cover, as the colours and materials are kept in the same style as our regular table mats. Then you can easily cover your table and create a modern and attractive look.

Practical and cute table mats for kids

The table mats for kids are produced in our recycled leather, which comes from surplus production. Due to the material, the table mats are both easy to clean and water-resistant, which is important in a busy working day. You can easily wipe them off with a damp cloth in case your kid should waste something. Besides, they are also super cute and they will fall into good use with your family.


You can also buy our cleaning spray, which helps to maintain the beautiful appearance and extend the life and maintain the quality.

Functional and beautiful table mats for kids

At LIND DNA, quality and functionality are important in our products. That's why you can also use your kid’s table mats to protect your table when your child is playing or drawing at the table. The fun and cute shapes on our table mats will be a hit with your child. At the same time, you don't have to compromise on your table cover either, and can still create a beautiful and stylish look.


In addition to our kids table mats, we also have an entire kids collection. In our home interior, you can buy elegant and practical coastersfloor mats and hooks. Naturally, in leather. This way you can create a beautiful, nice and practical look for your kids and your home.

Shop table mats for kids at LIND DNA

So, if you are looking for cute and handy table mats for your kid, you are in the right place. Because of the good materials, our custom-made table mats are both durable and beautiful, which means that you and your family can enjoy the new table mats for a long time to come. Find the ideal table mat for your kid and buy today at LIND DNA.