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A modern and beautiful floor mat for your rooms

A nice and protective floor mat is a good thing to have in your rooms. Then you can both take good care of your floors while making them look beautiful. At LIND DNA you will find a large selection of floor mats in beautiful and modern colours as well as a variety of sizes. This way you can easily find your new floor mat. Explore our selection and buy your new floor mat from LIND DNA today. 

Beautify and protect your floors with a floor mat

Our floor mats at LIND DNA are both beautiful and timeless. Therefore, it is a good investment in your home, so you can protect your floors for a long time. Our floor mats come in three different sizes: XXL, XXXL and XXXXL. Then you can find just the size that fits into your home. You can also find floor mats in the following different shapes and shapes


  • Circle
  • Square
  • Curve


This way you can easily mix and match and create your unique look in your rooms with a floor mat. Also, put together your new floor mat with our popular table mats and coasters. It helps give your home a cohesive and stylish look

Protect your floor from scrapes and scratches with a floor mat

The most important feature of a floor mat is to protect your floor from scrapes and scratches, but it also does not matter that it is also decorative and beautiful. Our LIND DNA floor mats work in most homes because of neutral colours and timeless designs. A LIND DNA floor mat can be used in any room in your home or business. Get inspired on how to apply your LIND DNA floor mat to your business.


For example, place your floor mat under the coffee table, side table, vases or the like to protect and beautify your floor. Check out our table stories for inspiration on how to decorate with your new floor mat

Modern and durable floor mats

Your new floor mat from LIND DNA is both modern and extremely durable. Our floor mats are made of recycled leather, which consists of 80% leather and 20% rubber. These materials come from a surplus that makes our products sustainable. Therefore, you can create an eco-friendly statement in your rooms with a floor mat from LIND DNA. Our recycled leather floor mats are also water-resistant and easy to clean.


Shop a new floor mat from LIND DNA

Take a look in our selection of fine and modern floor mats for your home or business. Easily and conveniently find your new floor mat from LIND DNA and buy today.