Stylish leather table mats for your home

Table mats don't necessarily just need to be there to protect your surfaces in your home. They can also easily be used as a decorative feature, which is both beautiful and protective. That's what you get at LIND DNA - our home table mats are stylish and beautiful, but at the same time of high quality, so you can protect your home. Check out our wide range of table mats and find your new table mats today.

A table mat is not just a table mat

In addition to protecting your surfaces in your home, a table mat can offer you much more. At LIND DNA we have table mats in different shapes and sizes, which allows you to use them for different purposes. For example, use our large leather table mats for dining. Or use the smaller size under your candlesticks or vases.
You will find our leather table mats in shapes, such as:

And more. The different shapes can give your home different looks and style - depending on what you prefer. Create a raw look or a more neutral look with beautiful colours and shapes. Also, be bold with the leaf-shaped leather table mats and give your home a different and colourful look. Yes, it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

Check out our table stories and get inspired on how to style and use your LIND DNA table mats and follow our exciting universe. 

Mix and match LIND DNA's table mats

No one is saying you need to stick to colour when decorating your home. With our table mats, you can mix and match the many different, beautiful colours with different shapes. This way you can create exactly the expression that you are looking for. Our table mats give you the freedom to experiment and try new looks and expressions.

With table mats from LIND DNA, your home will always be dressed for festive occasions, but also everyday life. This is the great thing about our table mats, where functionality and aesthetics combine into a higher unit. This is especially true of our leather table mats. You can read more about them below.

Table mats for both home and business

LIND DNA's table mats are not only suitable for the home, but also for the business. Here your company can adorn office areas, canteen or similar areas with our table mats. Due to our focus on environmental friendliness, your company can also help make a difference. Besides, it also sends a good signal to potential customers. At the same time, your company gets lovely and beautiful table mats in high quality.

Get inspired on how your company can use table mats from LIND DNA here. Our leather table mats will also be a sure hit as a corporate gift because they will always be modern.

Find leather table mats

Because we at LIND DNA want to protect the environment, you can also help make a difference. Our leather table mats come from surplus production from shoes, bags and belts, among others. This leather is then mixed with rubber from trees, which form the basis of our leather table mats. Of these, they consist of 80% leather and 20% rubber. It is OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather and is the cornerstone of our production.

The table mats are made of recycled leather - an incredibly durable material that is both water resistant as well as easy to clean. Simply wipe the table mats over with a damp cloth and LIND DNA’s Clean&Care spray after use. Lastly, they are also extremely beautiful to leave on your dining room table or anywhere else in the home, where they can contribute to a new and beautiful look.

Remember to properly maintain your leather table mats

Because of our use of unique and exclusive materials, table mats must be taken care of and treated well. Then you preserve their beautiful appearance and appearance. On our website, you can buy our cleaning spray to easily extend the life and appearance of your table mats. You may also want to see our care guide, which shows you how to best maintain your table mats from LIND DNA.

Danish-produced, high-quality table mats

At LIND DNA, our leather table mats are one of our most popular product categories - and we understand that well. Our table mats are Danish and locally produced, where environmental friendliness and respect for craftsmanship are the most important elements of our production. That is why our table mats are made with respect for the materials and the environment, where the aesthetics and functionality are paramount.

Read our story here and follow the exciting journey to what has become LIND DNA today.


Shop table mats from LIND DNA

Are you looking for beautiful and unique high-quality table mats? Where environmental friendliness is in order? Then you are in the right place. Explore our wide selection of leather table mats and find the ones that fit your style and needs. Buy your table mats today.

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