Local Production

We Design, Create, Produce in Denmark

LIND DNA is rooted in Denmark. In Danish design, craftmanship and local production. We believe in local craftsmanship as an enormous source of strength and prefer to cooperate with other local suppliers. All our products are born out of passion for beautiful, subtle design and impeccable craftsmanship. Whenever possible, we insist on our own, local production in Denmark.

First of all, local production gives us the opportunity to be hands-on throughout the entire process and to secure continuously high manufacturing standards. Secondly, we care deeply about sustainability and our own production enables us to limit our footprint on the environment.

Everybody on the team is encouraged to put forward ideas and since we have all of our machinery and tooling in-house, we can go from brainstorming to prototyping within hours. Local and sustainable production, the use of natural materials and top-notch quality standards are among our founding values.

From our headquarters in Aarhus, we export to more than 50 countries around the world. And we won´t stop here. With a dedicated team, delightful designs, amazing craftsmanship, local production, a sustainable mindset and the fruitful, local Aarhus business environment surrounding us, we strive to further redefine industry standards in the years to come.