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  1. Monkey Glass Mat Leather Nupo d:12 cm
    4.00 EUR
  2. Frog Glass Mat Leather Nupo d:12 cm
    4.00 EUR
  3. Bear Glass Mat Leather Nupo d:12 cm
    4.00 EUR
  4. Cloud Glass Mat Leather Nupo d:12 cm
    4.00 EUR
  1. Monkey Table Mat Leather Nupo 38x28 cm
    17.00 EUR
  2. Frog Table Mat Leather Nupo 38x28 cm
    17.00 EUR
  3. Bear Table Mat Leather Nupo 38x30 cm
    17.00 EUR
  4. Cloud Table Mat Leather Nupo 38x31 cm
    17.00 EUR



    Bear Table Mat Nupo Nature

    BEAR TABLE MAT is a table mat for kids shaped as a bear, which will certainly awaken the attention and joy of the little ones.

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8 Items

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Cute childrens placemats and coasters

If you are looking for childrens placemats and coasters for everyday use as well as for special occations, you have come to the right place. LIND DNA offers a range of cute childrens placemats and coasters made from recycled leather. Let yourself be inspired by our collection in different colors.

Childrens placemats made from recycled leather

Our childrens placemats have matching glass coasters, all made from recycled leather that is certified by OEKO-TEX. The leather is sourced from the surplus production of vegetable-tanned leather from furniture, bags and shoes and is mixed with natural rubber from trees. This unique mix of 80% leather and 20% rubber causes the material to be water resistant, so the childrens placemats from LIND DNA do not absorb as easily as placemats made from other materials, such as textiles. 

Recycled leather is durable and the placemats are easy to clean, as they do not need to be washed and ironed. They can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. In general, we recommend though, that you read our advice on how to clean and maintain our childrens placemats and coasters here on the site. 

Kids collection - four different shapes 

Our kids collection counts childrens placemats, childrens coasters, dots and hooks for the wall and cute leather floor mats. Choose among our four shapes CLOUD, BEAR, FROG and MONKEY.

CLOUD TABLE MAT with matching coaster, CLOUD GLASS MAT

BEAR TABLE MAT with matching coaster, BEAR GLASS MAT

FROG TABLE MAT with matching coaster, FROG GLASS MAT


If you want to have a look at the overall collection of placemats and glass coasters from LIND DNA, have a look at this site.

For the kids room we have designet a collection of dots and hooks to hang on the wall. Useful for organizing clothes, bags or toys.



Floor mat for kids made from recycled leather

In the kids collection of LIND DNA you find beautiful floor mats for kids. Designed in the four different shapes CLOUD, BEAR, FROG and MONKEY, the floor mats for kids fit our collection of kids dots and hooks. Beautiful to mix and match in the kids room as you like.

The floor mats for kids are made from a 3 mm thick quality of recycled leather, making them durable and keeping them beautiful year after year. Choose among different colours and leather surfaces. Whatever types of recycled leather you have in mind for your childrens placemats or floor mats for kids, it is a good idea to read about our materials & surfaces.