Glass Mat Frog / Kids

SKU: 983382 Size: d:12 cm
Color Black
Texture Leather Nupo
5.00 EUR
LIND DNA KIDS GLASS MAT FROG is a sweet little detail for the table or the playroom. KIDS GLASS MATS is perfect as both glass mat or decoration in any home with kids, and the child-friendly design will for certain awaken the attention and joy of the little ones. With KIDS GLASS MAT FROG you add a fun, yet stylish design to your home which fits perfectly to the rest of your LIND DNA range in recycled leather. Furthermore, KIDS GLASS MAT FROG is the perfect gift for families with children! KIDS GLASS MAT FROG is our glass mat for kids shaped like a frog and the glass mat is available in a range of beautiful colours.