Practical and beautiful side table for your home 

With a side table from LIND DNA, you get a beautiful and practical table for many purposes. Our modern designs and high quality are reflected in our side tables that you bring into your home. At the same time, we work with sustainable materials, so you can create an environmentally friendly designer statement based on your décor. Explore our selection of side tables for your home and purchase side tables at LIND DNA today. 

Find elegant side tables whatever your style 

Among our selection of side tables at LIND DNA, you will find many different models. We have created a wide series of side tables for your home in different shapes, heights and sizes. Common to all of them is that they have a minimalist design, and so they are fashionable as well as functional. This way you can easily find the side table that fits perfectly into your home and room. 


At the same time, we also designed our side tables in beautiful and fine colours that can fit into any home. Some of the models even have a reversible surface, so you can effortlessly change the style and appearance of your side table. Then you can easily style your home and customize your new side table for your décor. For example, display your favourite items, a reading lamp or some lovely flowers on your new side table

Use the side table for different purposes

A side table can be used for a variety of purposes. Due to the timeless design and neutral colours, our side table from LIND DNA fits into many rooms. This way you can use your side table in different rooms and create a beautiful looks wherever . You can place your new side table next to your sofa arrangement or next to your favourite chair so you can sit back with a coffee and enjoy the day


Yes, it's only your imagination that limits how you can apply and style your new side table in your décor. Most importantly, it fits into the rest of your home. So, for example, you can combine your new side table with a new coffee table to create a cohesive look in your home

Side tables in sustainable and lovely materials

Our side tables from LIND DNA are produced from our recycled leather, consisting of 80% leather and 20% natural rubber. These materials come from surplus production and contribute to environmentally friendly production. At the same time, we use powder coating to dye the frame on your side table, which is a more sustainable alternative. See how best to care for your side table with our cleaning spray

Buy your new side table at LIND DNA today

Explore our wide selection of side tables for your home today. Find just the side table that fits into your décor and blends with your style, buy your side tables from LIND DNA today.