Decorate with a beautiful and functional console table

A console table is a universal piece of furniture that is suitable for any home. It is a highly functional piece of furniture that creates space without taking up too much. At LIND DNA we have created a series of console tables in different designs and sizes, so you can easily find your new console table. Explore the selection of console tables and buy your new console table at LIND DNA today

Console tables with or without storage 

You will find both console tables with or without storage at LIND DNA. Common to both of them is that they have two shelves and are produced in the same lovely materials. The storage console table has a small recess on the top shelf, which you can use for spices or anything else for the kitchen. You can also store or exhibit small items in the living room. A console table is a functional piece of furniture that fits anywhere in the home. 

Practical and beautiful console table

Console tables from LIND DNA are both practical and beautiful. Use the console table in the hallway to put keys, purses or hats and gloves as winter approaches. It also fits super well into the office or one of the rooms - Yes, it is an indispensable piece of furniture that you can use throughout the home. At the same time, it is also extremely beautiful and creates space without taking up too much space in your home


Get inspiration on how to decorate your home with a console table from LIND DNA through our stories. For example, create and display beautiful flowers, favourite books, a lamp or fine trinkets and small things. It's only your imagination that sets the limits.

Console table in fine colours and lovely materials

Among our selection of console tables, you will quickly see the beautiful and classic composition of colours. Here you can see the inspiration from the Nordic and minimalist design, which is a good match for many homes. The console tables come in two sizes that you can find just the console table that fits into the rest of your décor


A console table from LIND DNA is produced in our recycled leather as well as European steel, which is powder-coated in black. Our recycled leather comes from surplus production and consists of 80% leather and 20% natural rubber. This gives our console tables sustainable and an eco-friendly statement in your home. You can care for your console table with our cleaning spray.

Shop a console table at LIND DNA today

One thing is certain, and that is that you will need to own a console table from LIND DNA. We have combined minimalist and simple design with a focus on functionality - ideal for many rooms and homes. Therefore, it is a good investment in itself and a piece of furniture you will enjoy very much for a long time to come. Buy your new console table at LIND DNA today