Aesthetic and functional coffee tables

A coffee table is both a beautiful and highly functional piece of furniture in your home. Here you can exhibit and store your favourite things in a nice way. Among our selection of coffee tables at LIND DNA, you will find a large number of beautiful tables that fit well into a home that appreciates good quality and nice craftsmanship. Explore our selection and buy your new coffee table today at LIND DNA.

Coffee tables - a nice designer statement 

Our coffee tables from LIND DNA ideally serve as a great design statement for the rest of your home and décor. With quality at its heart and modern designs, you can easily find your new coffee table among our selection. You will find our coffee tables in many fine colour combinations that fit well into many homes. Some of our models also have a reversible surface, so you can easily change the look and feel on your coffee table.

Aesthetic and practical coffee tables

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, our coffee tables are also very practical and functional. You will find coffee tables with wheels so you can easily smoke around and style your home. Some of the models also have multiple shelves, so you have room to store and display your stuff. Our coffee tables are great for many functions in your home, whether it is storage, coffee table, bedside tables or the like.

Decorate your home or business with a coffee table

With a coffee table, you can beautifully decorate your home and closet storage. You can put together coffee tables at different heights and create dimensions and depth in your décor. You can do the same in your business. Use your coffee table as a nice table in the office environment, conference rooms or the like. See more here, how you can set up your business and be inspired

Danish produced and sustainable production of coffee tables 

Coffee tables from LIND DNA are produced in Denmark through sustainable and environmentally friendly production. For our coffee tables, we use our recycled leather, which is OEKO-tex certified. It comes from surplus production and consists of 80% leather and 20% rubber. At the same time, we also use powder coating for the frame, which is a more environmentally friendly method. 


Our recycled leather is also water-resistant and easy to clean. You can buy our cleaning sprays so you can easily maintain your coffee table's beautiful look and quality. 

Shop coffee tables at LIND DNA 

Be inspired by how you can decorate your home with your new coffee table through our stories. You can also easily match your new coffee table with our other fine interior products and furniture. Buy your new coffee table at LIND DNA today.