Functional and stylish storage furniture 

When you need to create extra space in your home, it matters that your storage furniture is both functional and breathtaking. At LIND DNA you will find stylish and usable storage furniture that you can decorate your home with in whatever way suits you. Explore our selection of storage furniture for your home and office environment.

Use storage furniture in different ways

Storage furniture doesn't just have to be practical. It can also be beautiful. This is exactly what our storage furniture has to offer. At LIND DNA we have combined functionality and aesthetics and produced amazing storage furniture for your home. 


You may use your LIND DNA storage furniture in different ways. For example, you might use it as an aesthetic piece of furniture for storing firewood or for magazines. You can also use it as a side table next to your favourite chair or as a nice bedside table. 


Get inspiration on how to use your storage furniture from LIND DNA. Through our stories, we inspire you to style your home to match your style

Beautiful materials and different designs 

Our storage furniture is Danish-made and manufactured in lovely materials. We use our recycled leather which makes your furniture environmentally friendly and stylish. You will find our storage furniture in Nordic and classic colours, which are suitable for any home. Because of the unique design, your decor can stand out, which makes a great impression on your home

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