Create an eye-catching coat hanger in your home

The first thing you and others see when you enter the home is most often the hallway. Here your impression is formed by your home and your style. Therefore, you can appropriately have a stylish and functional coat hanger in your home. At LIND DNA you will find nice coat hangers which are both functional and beautiful. Explore our selection of coat hangers and find the ideal coat hangers for your home and buy at LIND DNA today

Find a freestanding or wall-hung coat hanger

Our selection of coat hangers is inspired by the Nordic, minimalist style, which is also reflected in our designs. We have fussed about the small details and created a beautiful series of functional coat hangers for your home. You will find both freestanding and wall-hung coat hangers among our selection. Then you can easily find the ideal coat hangers for your home. 

Elegant and simple coat hanger for your room

Coat hangers from LIND DNA have an extremely elegant and stylish look. This makes them ideal for many different styles and décor. The classic and timeless colours fit into any home and decorate beautifully in your home. LIND DNA's coat hangers combine beautiful design and functionality that is important in a home. Create a beautiful and modern statement with a coat hanger from LIND DNA. 

Danish-produced coat hangers in lovely materials 

The production of our beautiful freestanding and wall-hung coat hangers is in Denmark. Here come quality and design first. Our coat hangers are made of aluminium, steel, oak and our recycled leather. Recycled leather consists of 80% leather and 20% natural rubber, derived from surplus production. This contributes to sustainable production.


We cherish the details and use only the best products for our coat hangers. Both for the wall-hung coat hangers and the free-standing ones. Therefore, your coat hanger from LIND DNA is also durable and long-lasting. This means that you can enjoy your coat hanger for many years. This makes it a good investment for yourself and your home. 

Get inspiration to style your coat hanger

Through our table stories, we want to inspire you on how you can decorate and style your home with your new coat hangers. Often, coat hangers seem heavy and clumsy, but coat hangers from LIND DNA are light in their appearance and act as a decorative element in your home. Get inspired on how to decorate your hallway

Shop coat hangers at LIND DNA

Would you like to buy a wall-hung coat hanger or one of our other models? Take a look at our selection of coat hanger for your home and find the ideal coat hanger for your home. Also, check out our entire range of interiors and products for your wardrobe, and you can put together and create a nice and connected décor. Easily and conveniently buy your new coat hanger at LIND DNA today.