Furniture Collection SS 2020

Our new furniture concepts are designed to inspire consumers and hospitality customers to create modern and stylish interior decor.

The simple lines of the furniture collection are inspired by the Nordic, simplistic shapes and innovative combinations of nature-based, high-quality materials. All translated by LIND DNA into a timeless and functional furniture collection that combines the idea of functionality and aesthetics.

Available in stores from Spring 2020.

The collection is Nordic, yet multicultural. It is creative and at the same time classically timeless. Each piece of furniture is part of functionally, smart interior concept that is designed by solid craftsmanship, offering unique flexibility and usability.

Carefully chosen design details have been added to the uniform style, allowing consumers to customize the furniture to their own taste and use.

The production of LIND DNA's furniture has been optimized from an environmental and sustainability perspective, and the designs are created with alternative combinations of carefully selected materials such as OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather, European steel, European oak, brass and aluminum.


Catalogue with our latest LIND DNA furniture collection.

Welcome to a new world of stylish furniture that combines design, functionality and sustainability.

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