Dinner Mat Curve

SKU: 991125 Size: L 37x44cm
Form Curve
Sides 1
Get two-in-one by choosing double sided! Change the mood and styling in a heartbeat. Choose between many different colours and textures. Our reversible table mats consist of both a leather front and reverse; either in the same texture or in two different textures and colours.
Color Cool Blue
Texture Leather Nupo
16.00 EUR  20.00 EUR

LIND DNA TABLE MAT CURVE is a sustainable lifestyle product made of recycled leather. TABLE MAT CURVE is the traditional table mat devised in an organic shape named “CURVE”, designed and produced in Denmark. The CURVE shape is both decorative and practical as it takes up very little space on the table and is easy to clean. TABLE MAT CURVE is available in several leather surfaces and colours which provide endless options when styling your table and home. With more than a thousand different variations of surfaces, shapes and colours, we offer the largest selection of table mats in recycled leather on the international market. Designed and manufactured in Denmark.