Deep Plate 1Pc

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color Black
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We always do what we can  to find local manufacturers in our area or in Europe, however, this was not possible with our beloved CURVE STONEWARE. Fortunately, we found a small well-run manufacturer in Thailand who puts as much care and heart into their work as we do in LIND DNA ourselves. CURVE STONEWARE is a natural development of our CURVE range. With its distinctive curved shape, the CURVE STONEWARE series allows you to add another dimension of the iconic shape to your table. By combining your LIND DNA tablemats with matching stoneware, you can easily create a beautiful and harmonious table setting, both in everyday life and on festive occasions. All CURVE STONEWARE products can withstand freezer, microwave and dishwasher. The entire range of stoneware is heat resistant up to 270 ° C in the oven and due to the high density of the material, all parts are very durable.

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