Customization & Embossing

It is all about creating an atmosphere and an outstanding experience for your customers. Our mission is to help your establishment not only to get noticed, but also to be remembered for gorgeous design and intelligent details. Details that - together with an exquisite service - provide an outstanding experience for your customers. We offer many degrees of customized solutions that match your overall interior design. In the end, interior design is based on inspiring atmosphere, aesthetic and functionality. We know that in hotel & contract business it is often the details that make the difference - and we are here to make these extra details talk.

Whatever your wishes are, we can support and inspire you with products, colors and designs that create your very unique style. Most of our collection is designed and produced at our own production facilities in Denmark, which secures a high level of quality and flexibility. Our in-house design & graphic department support our customers with special ideas and wishes. From custom made tray inlays to TABLE MATS in unique shapes, coasters in special sizes, menu folders with embossing or embellishment (like stitchings), different opening & closing mechanisms for your menu or payment holders with your own logo on top - you name it, we make it.

Our goal is for you to make a statement in any kind of setting and to create a truly unique and memorable experience for your guests. Time and time again.