LIND DNA was founded in 2013. Behind the company is Preben Lind, who is also the company's designer and owner. The fact that we have founder, owner and designer within the company ensures that the development of new design and interior concepts always comes directly from the heart of LIND DNA. The sustainable approach allows us to limit our impact on the environment without compromising on quality. Our focus is not just on what we launch – for us, it's mostly about why we do it and whether it's relevant to our customers. Simplicity is more - all our products are designed with minimalism and functionality in few exclusive materials. When designing, we cut everything unnecessarily - because we wholeheartedly believe that simplicity lasts the longest. LIND DNA's range is inspired by the Scandinavian style, yet it is multicultural. The furniture is creative, yet classic and fits into many dećors, creating a stylish classic base. Just like our table napkins and things for table cover range widely in shapes, colours and textures, so there is always something for every taste and nationality. Which we believe is the reason why we go far - also internationally. Craftsmanship and the urge to create are important focal points for us. It's not in our nature to stand still. Therefore, everyone in the company is also invited to come up with design ideas. Since our production and offices are under the same roof, it allows us to act quickly and move from idea development to prototype production within hours. It creates extra pride and co-ownership for everyone in the house. When we began the adventure in 2013 our first and eventually most famous and widely used design was the placemat curve. Over the years, its recognisable curved shape has inspired the development of many new designs - such as our small tables and stoneware. Today, the product range has expanded with more furniture and a wide range of interior products for homes, hotels and restaurants. And we still get new ideas every day.

We love to turn things upside down and see new functional and realizable opportunities.


A recurring feature of our designs is our OEKO-TEX certified recycled leather. Made from excess vegetable-tanned core leather from the fashion and furniture industry. The leather comes in a multitude of variants in terms of colours, shapes and structures. To make it easy for you to choose, we have assembled a palette in a safe Scandinavian style, which our customers are particularly pleased with.