About us

We Design, Create, Produce in Denmark

LIND DNA was founded with the ambition to inspire consumers with table setting products and to rethink interior design products from a sustainable perspective.

We make no compromises with the quality of our products, while at the same time we strive to reduce our footprint on the environment. Our mission took off in Aarhus, Denmark only few years ago - in 2013 - with an idea to make a new and different design brand, based on the material recycled leather. With our own production and by using local suppliers, we create timeless design, manufactured with respect for craftsmanship and the materials used. Our focus is not solely on what we launch. For us it's more about why we launch. We want to make honest interior design products that continuously push the boundaries of aesthetics, functionality, choice of materials and sustainability. We are on a mission and we would like you to join.



Our products are designed with care and with honest materials such as recycled leather, steel, oak and wool.
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Local and sustainable production, high quality standards and the use of natural materials are among our founding values.
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We want to push the boundaries of sustainability and aesthetic design, whilst caring for the planet and its resources.
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Curiosity, strong beliefs and sustainable responsibility has made us who we are, a succesful Danish design company.
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The opportunity to be hands on throughout our production gives us the flexibility to secure our quick deliveries.
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