LIND DNA's recycled leather products are natural products, made from 80% hard leather and 20% natural rubber. To maintain their beautiful aesthetic appearance and their great quality characteristics in the long run, it is important that they are treated correctly. The following instructions show you how:

Clean your recycled leather product with a damp cloth and LIND DNA's cleaning spray CLEAN&CARE. Recycled leather products are not dishwasher safe. Do not soak any of your products in water or soap.

Avoid stains from certain foods and liquids - such as curry, saffron, chili and red wine - as they may result in permanent damage, if not removed immediately. Be extra careful with lighter leather colours.

Do not place hot items, such as pots and frying pans on your products.

Do not fold your recycled leather products.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for longer periods of time, as they may harm the leather structure of your product.

Make sure to place your recycled leather products on dry and plain surfaces only. Be extra careful with oil-treated tables, as excess oil might be absorbed by your recycled leather product.


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