Conditions of sale

Conditions of sale for private customers and companies, including institutions


1. Buy from LIND DNA

The purchase is in force at the moment you, as a customer, receive an invoice from LIND DNA. Reservation is made regarding pricing errors, ect. Due to currency changes, war, terrorism, natural disasters, force majeure, delivery failures, tax changes, sold out and typographical errors. Reservation is made regarding out of stock items and delayed delivery from LIND DNA's wholesalers.


2. Prices and contracts

All prices are incl. 25 % VAT, unless otherwise stated. Prices are only valid in Denmark, excl. The Faroe Islands and Greenland. All contracts are written in Danish.

If you are a private customer in a country outside the European Union, a customs tax may be added in your country to be paid by you.


3. Sales generally

The indicated price at time of ordering is the applicable order price. The goods are invoiced at the current price at the time of ordering and the price will not change either by decrease or increase.


4. Cancellation

If you wish to cancel or annul an already placed order, it should basically be done in the same way as the order is made. Alternatively, it can be done by sending an email to INFO@LINDDNA.COM labelled “Cancellation”. The order date and order number has to be stated. Have you received an order confirmation by e-mail, it can be returned to sender with the words “cancellation” in the topic text. Cancellation should be done before 2.00 pm on the day the order is made.


5. Order confirmation

LIND DNA keeps the order confirmation after it has been sent to the customer.


6. Payment

The possible methods of payment are as a minimum:


Invoice (only business)

The “invoice” payment method can only be used by businesses and public institutions, and only if you already have received a payment agreement with LIND DNA.


7. Delivery time

The product is shipped the first business day after the order has taken place and we expect to deliver within 3-4 days. However, we reserve the right to contact the customer if delivery time is longer because of sold out items ect.

See also section 13 regarding christmas presents.


8. Returns

Full return. If you regret your purchase, LIND DNA gives you full return. The good must be returned in the original packaging and in unused and undamaged condition. The customer must do this within 14 days after receipt. Goods returned must be accompanied by the original invoice and delivered without cost to LIND DNA. See also section 13 regarding christmas presents.

Goods returned without paid freight or postage are rejected by LIND DNA. In a return trade the amount is repaid to the customers account within 14 days. The customer can also choose another product, here applies the same: send back and attach a note with what you want instead.

NOTE! There is no right of withdrawal on special ordered goods and products manufactured specially to suit your individual needs, if production or adaption has begun. Production or adaption is initiated by receipt of the order and the right of withdrawal will therefore fall.

See also section 13 regarding christmas presents.


9. Warranty

As a customer you have two years of warranty, which means that you either get the product repaired, replaced, refunded or a reduction in the price, depending on the specific situation. This of course requires that the complaint is justified. The difference between the warranty and guarantee can be seen here. 

If the product unlikely should brake during the warranty period, it will be repaired free of charge on our or the manufactures workshop. Damage to the product caused by operational error, error handling, modifications or gross abuse by the user is not covered by the warranty. This includes any change of input current to any relevant component. LIND DNA cannot be held responsible for indirect consequential damages that goods sold by LIND DNA may have caused, unless it follows directly from Danish legislation. Please refer to the Danish Sale of Goods Act on approach to complaints.


10. Use of the warranty 

Complaints regarding defects and shortcomings must be communicated to LIND DNA within a reasonable time after receipt of goods. The customer is urged to declare product shortcomings or defects in the complaint. Failure to do this could mean an extension of the remediation process due to troubleshooting. The customer can complain by returning the defective product by mail to our address. Goods not covered under the warranty and/or received without proper packaging will be repackaged and will be charged an amount equal to LIND DNA's cost of necessary and safe packaging. Goods returned after claims or sent without postage will be refused by LIND DNA.


11. Returned goods that do not contain errors

By return of defective or incorrect goods to LIND DNA where failure or defect is not defined or specified by the customer, the item will be returned to the customer. LIND DNA reserves the right to charge shipping cost in the absence of a credit agreement. By enclosed accessory, number and product description must follow. Goods should be returned with a copy of the invoice where the time of purchase for the complaint product is clear. Otherwise the good will be shelved until we have received a copy of the invoice. Goods not included in the warranty and received without proper packaging will be repackaged and there will be charged an amount equal to our cost of necessary and safe packaging.


12. Proper complaint

All products returned to LIND DNA must be securely wrapped. Damage caused by inadequate packaging may result in your rights lapse. LIND DNA recommends that the product is returned by Post Danmark and send as package. In this way it is possible to track the package in the Post Denmark system and it eliminates any doubt as to whether the goods have been delivered to LIND DNA.


13. Regarding christmas presents - December 2017

All christmas presents can be returned until 14th January 2018.

Christmas presents must be ordered no later than 15th December 2017 in order to be delivered before 24th December 2017. Otherwise, delivery before Christmas Eve can not be guaranteed.


14. Are you in doubt?

If you have any doubts, you are welcome to contact LIND DNA by mail INFO@LINDDNA.COM or phone +45 20 73 79 79.


15. Special requirements for traders

The same sales conditions as for customers apply here with the following modifications.

There is no right of withdrawal for traders. Products cannot be purchased as a private customer if the good is ordered through a household registered as a company (company = corporate or institution).

There is one year of warranty from the original invoice date. Replacement or repair does not mean that another year of warranty period follows. LIND DNA reserves the right to the products purchased on credit until the full purchase price has been paid.

1  All costs associated with the enforcement of the retention of title fall to the buyer.

Interest accrue from the due date of 1 % per started month

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